Cynthia Thomas Calvert

Cynthia Thomas Calvert is a nationally-known consultant, speaker and writer. A former law firm partner and co-founder of the Project for Attorney Retention, she helps law firms retain and advance women

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Is your firm getting good results from its efforts to advance its women lawyers? 

Does your management committee have several female members? 

Do women make up almost 50% of your equity partners? 

Was your new partner class this year at least half female, and do you have a healthy pipeline for future female partners? 

Are some of your firm’s best rainmakers female?

If not, talk to us about how we can help.  Research and experience show that law firms with women partners and leaders are better positioned for long-term success.  Firms that develop and advance their women lawyers benefit from better approaches to problem solving and advising, have higher quality lawyers as a result of larger applicant pools, and have stronger relationships with their clients due to reduced attrition.  Corporate America has already learned that companies with women in positions of power have better financial results, and more businesswomen buying legal services is a good reason for law firms to have more women providing those legal services.

Our approach involves working with both your firm and your women lawyers. Our research-based solutions will be tailored to your firm’s specific needs, and may include such services as assessments and benchmarking, an educational briefing for your lawyers, training to improve the quality of your firm’s performance evaluations, leadership and business development workshops for women lawyers, short-term coaching and modification of your flexible work program.  Importantly, our solutions for advancing your women lawyers will also increase your firm’s diversity and inclusion and improve the quality and productivity of all its lawyers.